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Honco building design flexibility

Posted on May 2, 2017



Large commercial and industrial buildings may serve a single purpose, such as a sports facility or manufacturing plant; but the needs of each building project are unique – and therefore it’s crucial to provide developers with as wide a range as possible of design options.


Honco Steel Buildings offers the best of both worlds: the resiliency and cost efficiency of steel structures, combined with almost unlimited opportunities to tailor these structures so that they are distinctive from the outside and fulfill their function to the best possible degree.


In fact, Honco’s flexibility is such that it has constructed indoor soccer complexes that comply with FIFA standards; is widely sought for its expertise in building different varieties of airplane and helicopter hangars; and is the go-to company for car dealerships and other commercial businesses requiring a beautiful-looking facility to attract customers.


Frequently, Honco buildings don’t even appear to be made of steel, case in point: the Poste d’Incendie #2 facility in Saint-Colomban, Quebec, appears to be made of brick and wood, with tall garage doors and multiple pitched rooflines strongly reminiscent of a bygone era.


Honco’s ability to adapt its services and construction system is possible due to four decades of innovation and growth, acquiring expertise, and making major investments in its divisions in order to improve the production capacities of its factories.


At the heart of Honco’s flexibility is its corrugated steel structural panels, which when bolted together are incredibly strong and eliminate the need for independent support. Free span interiors are a Honco hallmark, allowing developers to plan building layouts according to function rather than adapting function to suit physical restrictions.


Developers can achieve an optimal architectural finish to Honco buildings by choosing to cover the steel walls with exterior decoration materials; and a variety of accessories such as awnings, wall fixtures, and decorative mouldings can be added to enhance the overall architectural appeal. Colour, of course, is a major consideration, and Honco provides a broad palette of standard and personalized options.


There’s even room for flexibility once a building has been constructed, since it can be expanded at a later date.


Steel buildings have always been the preferred choice of developers who require resiliency, energy efficiency, and low maintenance; with Honco, they also have the design versatility that makes them suitable for virtually any kind of application.

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