Certifications leed - Honco Steel buildings
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Honco makes sure to integrate eco-friendly practices into its standard operations and it is capable of conceiving compliant buildings to the LEED certification requirements.
That way, always aiming at improving our products, we have started collaborating with Vertima, a LEED® certification specialized firm to assess our products and therefore comply to LEED® certification standards.


Here is a summary of all of the eligible credits according to LEED® Canada NC 2009 for Honco’s buildings :

AÉS 5.1 Sites layout plan: Protect or restore habitats
AÉS 7.2 Layout plan to reduce heat island effect : roof
ÉAp2 Minimal heat performancee

ÉAc1 Optimize energetic performance

MR2 Construction waste management

MR3 Reuse of materials

MR4 Recycled content

MR5 Regional material

QEI 3.2 QAI Management plan

QEI 4.1 Low emission materials: adhesives and sealants
QEI 7.1 Thermal confort: Conception

PR1 Sustainable building

If you would like to obtain specific information on this credits, contact us to provide us with more details about your project.