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Indigenous and northern success stories

With more than 40 years of expertise in the Far North of Quebec and Canada, Nunavut, the Lower North Shore and Quebec, Honco has developed a relationship of trust with Inuit and Aboriginal communities. Since its beginnings, the Honco team has been working with First Nations on projects of all kinds and variable scope. Whether for an arena, a multifunctional complex, a community centre or a mining building, Honco has the expertise to execute the projects entrusted in a design-build mode.

The quality of Honco’s work is recognized by the Aboriginal communities with which we have partnerships. The design and construction of Honco buildings are adapted to the climatic conditions and present and future needs of indigenous communities.

Honco buildings can be shipped anywhere around the world, quickly. Structural panels can be piled up on top of each other. That way, all building material necessary for an Honco building measuring 480 m2 can be transported in a 12 meter long container.

Honco buildings are suitable for installation in isolated areas where cranes and other heavy equipment can’t have access. Honco structural elements fabricated at the factory are all pre-drilled and pre-cut ready for their assembly on the construction site. Since all components and structural panels of the building are fixed using steel bolts, handling such as cutting and welding, is not required limiting considerably environmental impact.

Finally, our engineers make sure that they respect the design criteria in place, while adapting to the local installation methods.

Our constant presence in remote locations has allowed our team to develop unique organization and planning strategies, adapted to remote sites