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Richard Lebeau Center

Built for several enthusiasts of skating or indoor games, St-Léonard-d’Aston Sports Complex includes, among others, an ice skating rink with a refrigeration system that may be in operation for a period of 12 months, and having a compressor heat recovery system for under slab heating, for water heating, and for building heating system. The complex also includes a mezzanine for up to 200 people, a services section for the players’ rooms, storage and mechanical rooms, and a snack bar area, being all located between the gym and the arena to increase functionality of the center.

The gymnasium surface is made of wood flooring facilitating its transformation into a community hall, meeting the customer’s specific requirements. Honco has obtained the mandate to carry out this turnkey project as a general contractor following an open call for tender. Honco expertise in carrying out similar projects and the numerous advantages of its steel building in the recreational field has allowed to meet functional and operation needs of the customer and of the mandated professionals. The project was completed over a 9-month period.