Paspebiac Recreational Complex - Interior ice rink- Honco Buildings
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Paspébiac sports complex

After a study, the City of Paspébiac came to the conclusion that it would cost more to restore and upgrade its old arena than to build a new recreational complex. Following a public call for tenders, the contract for a new sports complex was awarded to the consortium LFG Construction and Honco Steel Buildings.

The recreational complex was designed to have a 40 meter free span for a total surface of 3245 square meters. The facility includes one NHL size skating rink, a capacity of 800 spectators in the seating area and 200 spectators in the standing area. The service section includes 6 players rooms equiped with showers and washrooms, one referee room and several storage rooms. The facility offers other services such as ticket booth, pro-shop, manager’s office, conference room, multipurpose room and, on the upper floor, a food court area.

The refrigeration system for the recreational complex has been chosen for its high-efficiency that allows the re-use of heat from the compressors for heating the bleachers floor and ice rink area, the players’ rooms, the corridors and the hot water tanks. The T8 lighting fixtures in the rink area also contribute to savings on operation costs.

The refrigeration system of the high-efficiency ice rink allows the re-use of heat from the compressors to heat the floor of the bleachers, the rink area, players’ rooms, corridors and hot water tanks. The T8 light fixtures in the rink area also contribute to the economy of operations.