Portneuf Regional Waste Management Board Garage- Honco Buildings
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The Portneuf Regional Waste Management Board (RRGMRP) has entrusted Honco Buildings with a turnkey mandate for the construction of its new garage located in Neuville (QC, Canada).


This construction had become necessary to meet adequately to the new reality of the Board since the old garage, located at the main entrance of the site and built in 1988, no longer met the needs of the client. It would have been very expensive to enlarge it and make the necessary additions to bring it up to standards.


The new building with a total floor area of 738 m² or 7,954 ft² and six garage doors allows maintenance of the many equipment owned by the Board. In addition to a garage equipped with work pits to facilitate vehicle maintenance and upkeep, the new building has a mezzanine with offices and a cafeteria. The TC-type structure offers a clear interior height of 7 meters.


Inaugurated on March 2, 2018, the garage meets all new standards for workers safety and offers a modern and clean workplace. Built close to the machinery operation sites, the new site arrangement also increases the safety and experience of the citizens of the city of Neuville by reducing their interactions with heavy vehicles.


Acting as a general contractor, Honco Buildings has carried out the building installation in just 5 months and the facility offers a workplace free of intermediate columns and an ensures optimum insulation.