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Sports Complex Development Guide | Honco Buildings

How to create
a cost effective facility
for your community

Building a sports/recreation complex is a major milestone. This project will be a focal point of your community and it must be carefully prepared. 

This guide will take you through 5 distinct phases of development that will assist you and your community with this major project.


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phase 1: Needs Assessment / feasibility study & capital plan

Phase 1 will incorporate a Needs Assessment / Feasibility, Preliminary Building Schematic Design and Building Program, but also includes estimate of overall project cost, capital construction costing, business planning, long-term operating proformas and Capital Plan / Funding Strategy. 

These steps will determine the project cost and will determine how the facility will cash flow and in essence how much debt service the facility can support.

STEP 1: Performing a Needs Assessment / Feasibility Study
  • Determine the amount of space needed;
  • Estimate the total number of users (current and future);
  • Determine specific room requirements
  • Establish your expansion plan for the next 2, 4 and 10 years;
  • And more.
STEP 2: Finding Available Funding & Grants
Build a comprehensive building plan, including:
  • Presentation of the city and organizational chart;
  • Description of your current problem and challenges
  • List of criteria for the desired location;
  • And more.

Thanks to its expertise, Nustadia has earned a solid reputation in this sector. Their team can guide you in establishing the needs of your community and building a plan, thereby avoiding the most common errors.

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phase 2: schematic design & project definition


This phase will actively review of site potential if one is known or review potential sites per the work done in Phase 1.


Furthermore, Phase 2 will quantify urban planning issues, conceptual building program, performance specifications, construction and soft costs and updating the business plan from Phase 1. 


Performance specifications will be developed for a Design/Build method of construction, while establishing the project budget as well as the overall project timeline.



Step 1: Finding the Ideal Piece of Land

Perform environmental, be familiar with the urban plan, etc.

Step 2: Ensuring compliance with requirements

Safety factors, location of water upply intakes, etc.

Step 3: Writing the performance specifications for Design/Build

Honco’s experienced multidisciplinary team possesses extensive technical knowledge and offers efficient solutions for every facet of your construction project.

Step 4: Establishing the budget

Projected cost and design contingency of 15-20%, moving expenses, construction permit fees, a 10% construction contingency, etc.

Step 5: Establishing a project timeline

Take into consideration the financial and organizational constraints of the project, ressources availability, etc. The Honco team suggests scheduling a meeting immediatly after the plans have been approved.

phase 3: design development & due diligence

This phase involves Nustadia preparing all necessary contracts with Owner design professionals, finalizing operating model, specifying the Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FF&E) and commencing the negotiations on leases and contracts for food & beverage, anchor sports group tenants and retail leases and any pouring or vending rights.


Step 1: Approving plans and interior layout

Plans must be drawn by qualified professionals for legal and practical reasons.

Step 2: Establishing documentation-related responsibilities

In the documents that you would have previously drawn up, it would have been important to specify who would be responsible for the application of the building permit.

Step 3: Approval of final plans and specification

You will receive preliminary plans and a working session will be organized with professionals to validate the final plans and specifications.

phase 4: development & construction

This phase follows the project due diligence and support completed in the first three phases and commences with construction on the project following the projected timeline and budget. Monitoring of progress is critical in this stage, with the advantage of having Nustadia involved in this process, you are ensured of expert knowledge at your disposal.

This is the step where your project comes to life! Actual and projected timelines will be developed based on the calendar. Following this, site meetings will be organized on a regular basis to monitor work progress.

phase 5: substantial performance, commissioning
& operations


Lastly, in the final phase of Development Management, Nustadia will complete the required work to set up the staffing model, Best Practices training, Community Access Planning, Pre-Marketing the facility, commissioning with third party and operational staff and preparing for Opening day.

Inspection & Handover of Your Honco Building

Take the time to inspect you new sports complex to make sure everything complies with the final plans.

  • Work Completion Certificate;
  • Establish the list of corrections (if necessary) that will have to be made in the next 30 days;
  • Project sign-off process
  • End of work



After the grand opening of your new sports complex, you need to know how to manage it efficiently.

If required, full facility management and operating services through Nustadia, Canada’s largest operator of community recreation facilities that will provide the efficiency of the private sector.

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