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With over 50 years of expertise in the field, Honco excels in the construction of buildings for the aeronautical industry. Each project is designed to meet the specific requirements and technical challenges of the sector: extra-wide doors, ultra-wide clear-span interior spaces and high standards of construction safety.

Interior spaces to meet your expectations

The structural ceiling with its Galvalume finish reflects light and ensures optimal lighting in the hangar. Our unique structure provides a clean, low-maintenance environment.

Maximum space

The Honco airplane or helicopter hangar features a structural ceiling that reduces the volume of unused space, cutting heating and air-conditioning costs. Its large clear span gives you maximum surface area for equipment storage and maintenance.

Tailor-made design

Honco offers you maximum design flexibility, aligned with your unique needs. Doors are of crucial importance to any aeronautical installation. Thanks to our custom-built steel structure, Honco can design a support system to suit the chosen door specifications, while offering highly secure solutions for every fastening configuration. What's more, the structural ceiling of our aircraft hangars allows the installation of lifelines for safe maintenance work.

An innovative structure

Our bolted roof system offers exceptional strength, minimizing your maintenance efforts. Invisible roof trusses keep the environment clean, while preventing birds from accessing remote areas of the building, protecting your equipment from potential damage.

An aircraft hangar to meet your needs

Durability and strength are at the heart of our design. In addition to taking the aesthetics of your hangar to heart, Honco uses only the highest quality materials to deliver a building that's right for you.


A high-performance, low-maintenance aircraft hangar.

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