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Highly energy-efficient buildings

Energy-efficient buildings that meet LEED project criteria

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Honco buildings stand out for their unrivalled energy efficiency and low operating costs.

Our buildings are made from 95% recycled steel, and the manufacturing process in our Lévis plant generates very little construction waste, making Honco buildings the energy-efficient solution of choice for your project.

Honco integrates environmentally-friendly practices into its day-to-day operations, and designs energy-efficient buildings according to LEED standards. To continually improve our products and assess their compliance, we collaborate with Vertima, a firm specializing in LEED® certification and high-performance buildings.

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For more specific information on LEED credits, contact our team of experts in energy-efficient building construction.

We optimize the energy efficiency of our buildings in two distinct ways. Firstly, our superior insulation method eliminates thermal bridges. Secondly, our Galvalume-finished structural ceiling reflects light and emits a small amount of radiant heat, significantly reducing the need for heating and cooling.

Solar panels can also be integrated into your Honco building. These elements must be taken into account in the preliminary design.

Optimize internal space with a 20% reduction in volume thanks to our structural ceiling. The structural ceiling of Honco buildings separates the space used from the total volume of the building. As a result, you heat or cool only the space you need and reduce your operating costs.

20 to 30% savings on heating and cooling

Our walls and attic are efficiently insulated, creating a high-performance, energy-efficient environment. Adequate attic ventilation ensures the effectiveness of ceiling insulation and prevents condensation. What's more, our roofs are clad in light-reflecting steel, reducing heating and cooling costs by 20-30%.

20% fewer fixtures

The structural ceilings of Honco’s energy-efficient buildings are made of steel panels with a Galvalume finish that reflects light, increasing the level of natural light in the building at no extra cost. On average, you'll need 20% fewer fixtures in a Honco certified steel building than in a conventional structure.

Recycled steel, less waste and 5-15% savings on construction costs

On average, Honco LEED-certified buildings reduce construction costs by 5 to 15% compared to conventional steel structures. We optimize our processes to minimize construction waste. In addition, the steel used in Honco buildings contains up to 95% recycled steel. Our unique process saves up to 30% in installation time compared to conventional buildings. Furthermore, thanks to our hot-dip galvanizing process, you benefit from 100%-protected steel.

Premium insulation

The insulation system used in our steel buildings is highly efficient, thanks to several key factors:

  • The absence of thermal bridges;
  • Installation on the inside of the wall, protecting from the elements;
  • The use of uncompressed, unclamped insulation, compared to conventional construction;
  • Integrated, reinforced aluminum vapour barrier;
  • Our method of blowing insulation into the well-ventilated attic.


Our buildings are built with superior-gauge steel, for stronger panels. You also benefit from 100% protected steel thanks to our hot-dip galvanizing process. Our construction system uses bolts rather than screws, guaranteeing greater rigidity and durability of assembly.

Honco opts for a responsible approach in all areas of its management. Our sustainable development approach is reflected in concrete actions:

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Preserve natural resources by using 95% recycled steel
Optimizing our processes to offer a product with the smallest possible ecological footprint
Waste management and reduction during construction

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