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Choosing Honco steel buildings

With over 100 recreational projects built in the last 50 years, Honco is THE reference for the construction of arenas, multi-sport centers and indoor soccer stadiums. Discover our high-performance, cost-effective steel building solution to make your ambitions a reality.

Operational savings and low maintenance

Choose a building that offers maximum performance with minimum maintenance. Honco technology gives you thermal-bridge-free insulation, a Galvalume-finished structural ceiling and a bird-proof attic structure to prevent potential damage. Our prefabricated building system will significantly reduce your operating costs, so you can put your efforts where they count.

A design for the comfort of your users

A sports complex is a high-traffic building at the heart of your community. With its unique concept, the Honco structure requires no structural elements to obstruct play along the walls of your complex.

A Honco recreational building guarantees a user-friendly interior space for everyone's enjoyment!

Bright interior spaces

The Galvalume-finished structural ceiling ensures optimal lighting, creating a bright and pleasant indoor environment for users. Whether you're on the field or in the stands, the brightness of Honco buildings ensures the best playing experience.

A sports complex aligned with your priorities

The Honco prefabricated steel building stands out for its unrivalled energy efficiency. We use only high-quality materials to ensure that your facility will stand the test of time with your community. Thanks to our technical expertise, we optimize the interior layout to create an environment that maximizes sporting and energy-efficient performance.

A conception that reflects your needs

With decades of accumulated technical and practical knowledge in the recreational field, Honco will build a complex to suit your budget and your desires. We offer a personalized approach for a better analysis of your needs, resulting in a precise construction budget and a sports complex that meets your expectations. Honco offers customized turnkey solutions, incorporating the architectural treatment of your choice. Our unique design allows for the installation of bleachers or walkways, offering maximum flexibility.


The advantages of Honco buildings for your sports complex

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Bright interior


High energy efficiency


Lower operating costs

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