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Our team of qualified engineers examines each project in-depth in order to conceive a building that responds to the customer’s demands while complying to the codes and standards.

Our engineers are certified by the Quebec Order of Engineers as well as in many provinces in Canada, they have accumulated valuable expertise throughout the years by having worked on major projects, and that in a variety of commercial, industrial and recreational buildings.
The have the capacity to respond to technical and operational specifications of a building and also to specific objectives in each project.

  • Certified conception calculation according to norm CSA A660;
  • Calculation of a building’s energetic performance;
  • Experienced in the conception of projects in various foreign countries.

Honco’s engineering team optimizes each building’s conception assisted with specialized computer softwares, which have been specifically developped for self-supporting Honco buildings. Our engineers coordinate all of the conception steps in order to meets short manufacturing deadlines.

Engineers supervise the designers and technician teams involved in the production step so that plans and technical designs comply to the high standards set by the steel buildings manufacturing and construction industry.

Our personalized approach allows Honco professionals to propose:

  • An optimized interior layout for all kinds of projects amongst them production plants, sports complexes, etc;
  • A specific analysis for expansion projects of a building or a conventional type building connection;
  • Architectural criteria integration which harmonizes with the environment;
  • Eco-energetic accessories integration of a building.

Our engineering departement is equally in charge of the research and development areas of specialized computer programs, as well as the continued improvement programs for products we manufacture.