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Centre récréatif Desjardins of Saint-Prosper

With an arena that was over 75 years old and still using a freon-based air conditioning system, the municipality of Saint-Prosper decided to offer its community a new infrastructure, one that would serve as both a sports centre and community centre. Following a public competitive bidding process, Honco Buildings won the building contract for the complex that would become the Centre récréatif Desjardins de Saint-Prosper.
Honco made the most of the terrain by installing two main entrances. Visitors converge on a huge, convivial lobby that ensures smooth traffic flow to all areas of the complex. The centre point of the entrance hall, with its open plan, is enhanced by the natural light filtering through the many energy-efficient full-length windows.
Opened on September 7, 2019, the building houses a standard-size NHL ice rink measuring 200 feet by 85 feet and uses an ammonia-based refrigeration system. The rink, which seats 250, also has a hallway with an unobstructed view located behind the last row of the stands, providing space for additional spectators. Radiant floor heating enhances spectator comfort. On the opposite side of the stands are the eight locker rooms, which include the referees’ locker room, a female-only locker room, and another locker room capable of accommodating 22 players.
Also on the ground floor is a snack bar able to accommodate some 50 guests. With its raised floor and and full-length windows without lintels, the space offers a stunning view of the ice rink. The second floor also houses a community room accessible via an independent entrance. This air conditioned room can accommodate some 250 guests.
Honco is proud to have completed this project, which offers a contemporary look combined with an energy-efficient design.