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Haut-Richelieu stadium

For many years, HONCO has been renowned for its know how in building multi sports facilities. It is with this expertise that they were awarded a contract for the design, the manufacturing and the installation of a building which host a soccer field. With a clear available height of 12 m and a playing field of 6,138 m², this new stadium can be divided in three 30 m x 50 m fields. The substructure was designed to receive the latest generation of synthetic grass for the most modern and durable facilities. A footbridge of 37 m installed along a wall and combined with movable bleachers can accommodate between 500 to 800 spectators at tournaments.

Our work also included the design of a service area on two floors, which could be converted to host a bar-restaurant, a sporting goods store, a shop, dressing rooms, etc. For this type of projects, HONCO’s buildings offer the following benefits: low-energy costs; improved luminosity; large interior spaces free of any obstacle as well as low-maintenance costs.