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Leed Certified Energy Efficient Building

Honco strives to build sustainable constructions. Honco technology is also distinguished by its energy effecient buildings performance and low operating cost, while blending with its environment:

It provides, in average:

  • Energy savings of approximately 15% on heating and air conditioning costs;
  • Energy savings of approximately 15% on lighting costs;
  • Less construction waste.


Honco leed certified technology provides optimal thermal insulation efficiency obtained by a superior insulating method that virtually creates no thermal bridge and by a well ventilated attic space keeping the insulation permanently dry and totally efficient.


The energy performance of the building envelope is increased by the structural ceiling finish that reflects light and that emits three times less radiant heat than materials such as wood and paint.

HONCO makes every effort to incorporate eco-friendly practices into its day-to-day operations and to design energy efficient buildings that meet LEED® certification requirements.

In order to continuously improve our products, we have taken steps in collaboration with Vertima, a firm specializing in LEED® certification, for the evaluation of our products to meet with requirements of LEED® certification.

See the Honco LEED® technical data sheet for further details


We present below a summary of all possible credits according to LEED® Canada NC 2009 for HONCO buildings:
LEED building certification logo, Honco is Canada green building council member

  • AÉS 5.1 Sustainable Sites: Protect and restore habitats
  • AÉS 7.2 Reduction of heat islands effect
  • ÉAp2 Minimum Energy Performance
  • ÉAc1 Optimize Energy Performance
  • MR2 Construction Waste Management
  • MR3 Material reuse
  • MR4 Recycled Content
  • MR5 Regional material
  • QEI 3.2 IAQ management plan
  • QEI 4.1 Low emitting materials: Adhesives and sealants
  • QEI 7.1 Thermal Comfort: Design
  • PR1 Durable building

Honco has all required documents regarding potential credits and can rapidly provide information for a specific project. Feel free to contact us.

The structural ceiling, being integrated to the Honco structure, allows to separate the useable space from total construction volume.

Therefore, it significantly cuts operating costs to heat or to cool the building.

The structural ceiling of Honco structure is made from Galvalume steel finish that reflects light increasing the level of brightness in the building without requiring additional lighting fixtures.

The outstanding thermal insulation efficiency of the wall and roof in Honco structures leads to an unparalleled balance of high performance and high energy efficiency.

The well ventilated attic is a guarantee of thermal insulation efficiency keeping insulation material permanently dry.

The roof panels are made from Galvalume steel finish that deflects sun rays, reducing inside cooling costs.

The steel used in Honco building system contains up to 95% of recycled steel.
The building components are all fabricated ready for their installation thus reducing on site waste at a minimum level.

  • Savings from 5 to 15% on construction costs compared to other types of steel buildings.
  • Requires 20% less lighting fixtures compared to same brightness in other types of construction.
  • Savings from 20 to 30% on heating and cooling costs.
  • Building structure is 20 to 30% quicker to erect compared to other types of steel buildings.
  • Unpainted or factory baked painted steel with highly corrosion resistant hot dipped coating.
  • Structural ceiling allows for 20% less inside volume to heat or to cool thus reducing operating costs.
  • Installed using brackets and wood lathing that does not compress it.
  • Installed from the inside, and is therefore sheltered from bad weather.
  • Without thermal bridge.
  • Wall thermal insulation faced with shop-laminated Kraft/ aluminum reinforced vapour barrier.
  • Well ventilated roof space insulated with blown glass fiber thermal insulation located above the ceiling panels.
  • Structural panels are fabricated from thick gauge steel sheet giving better bending strength since they act both as the structure and the exterior cladding of the building.
  • Bolted assembly giving more strength and durability than simple liner and screws assembly.
  • Unique roof truss system.
  • Structural ceiling panels with Galvalume finish that reflects light.
  • Best guarantee in the construction industry.
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Recovery of rainwater
  • Optimization of natural light

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