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Air Astana
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Air Astana

The aviation hangar and the maintenance garage for the airport are a modular, prefabricated type. All materials of the buildings are supplied ready for installation.


The aviation hangar is equipped with hinge assemblies for a single overhead crane beam – suspended to the ceiling of the building - with a carrying capacity of 3 tons. The ceiling structure of the building is equipped with a suspension system for personal fall arrest devices used for work at height. The aviation hangar doors are vertical lift, heat-insulated, and divided into independent sections, which can be controlled separately. The width of the door opening is 76 meters, the height of the working opening in the open state is 18 meters.


The building of the aviation hangar has an extension that is an inseparable part of the hangar and is intended for accommodation of office, storage and other premises. Office extension has two floors; The first floor is intended for accommodation of aviation warehouses, offices for technical personnel and repair shops, the second floor of the annex is intended for offices. The structure of the annex provides for quick re-planning of the internal premises, based on the actual needs of the customer, by transferring / installing light walls. The adjoining extension is separated from the hangar by a fire wall with the characteristics determined by the current standards in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The Aviation Technical Center also has a garage building with a workshop for maintenance of ground-based special equipment. The garage block is equipped with an overhead crane-beam, carrying capacity of 2 tons.


The period of construction of the buildings of the aviation technical center: 15 months.


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