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Desjardins Multi Sport Center, Iles-de-la-Madeleine
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Desjardins Multi Sport Center, Iles-de-la-Madeleine

The new multisports centre, which houses 2 ice rinks and an indoor jogging track, opened in October 2019 in the Municipality of the Îles de la Madeleine. Located more specifically in Étang-du-Nord, the recreational complex was built as a design-build project following an invitation to tender based on performance-based specifications issued by the Municipality. The contract was awarded in the spring of 2018 with the preparation and approval of the construction plans. Despite the scope of the project, the limited availability of locally sourced materials, the logistics related to shipping materials by boat and the availability of labour, the scheduled 16-month construction schedule was successfully met.

To fulfill the Municipality’s requirements, the multisports centre had to have a fully glassed-in meeting area between the two ice rinks providing views of both rinks and equipped with heating or air-conditioning as needed. The main ice rink has 800 spectator seats, while the secondary rink includes a 190-metre-long elevated walkway for use by walkers or spectators at the perimeter. The main part of the complex will be air-conditioned for the different events or shows held at the complex. The main lobby is designed with full-length windows on two walls and features a space that can accommodate a hundred people at a time. From the entrance, users can head down the corridor leading to the 10 locker rooms or take the wide main staircase to get to the stands and other services on the second floor. There is a lift in the lobby area for the mobility-impaired or small families. A spacious press box and VIP lounge can also accommodate journalists during tournaments or can be used during different leisure activities. The total combined surface area of the two floors of the building is 7,100 square metres (60,000 sq. ft.)

All equipment and the refrigeration system, which operate 12 months a year, are modern and use state-of-the art technology to reduce operating costs and the complex’s environmental footprint. The highly energy-efficient Honco building and ice rink refrigeration system equipped with a heat recovery system to heat the spectator stands, domestic water supply and snow melt pit are features that were prioritized in carrying out the project.


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