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Honco was selected by the adapted company Cétal for the turnkey construction of their new premises located at Laurier-Station, near Highway 20, in Quebec, Canada. The relocation of Cétal was officially completed in May 2019! As the company wanted, all of its activities, except the timber department, are now under one roof. Over the years, the organization had had to divide its activities into three factories due to lack of space. The new building will allow the company to improve its energy efficiency, eliminate travel between different sites and optimize its activities. The new infrastructure has been specifically designed and thought out for its employees with socio-professional needs which are sometimes different.

The more than 36,400 square foot building houses a large open-plan office space and a cafeteria in addition to the spacious factory and warehouse.

On the facade, the carefully chosen covering as well as the large windows harmonize to create a building with modern architecture. The huge glass section overlooking the employees' common room gives a view of the company's community gardens in summer and allows to enjoy the sunshine all year round, first for natural lighting, and then, to take advantage of the passive heat of the sun.

The employees of Cétal are truly pampered with this vast, bright and custom-designed work environment for their needs.

The structure of type TP-4000 measures 30.25 m in width by 82.35 m in length in addition to a conventional structure in front of 18 m by 49 m.


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