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Dek Hockey Shawinigan
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Dek Hockey Shawinigan

For the Dek Hockey Shawinigan project, the Honco team completed the supply and installation of a building having a clear height of 6,8 m. This project needed the design team to find the best solutions to install the structure of the building on the existing foundations. In fact, Dek Hockey Shawinigan kept the foundations of its former building that was burned by a fire incident et the new construction had to adapt to the foundation. This situation demonstrates the flexibility of Honco prefabricated buildings.


The building allowing the practice of Dek Hockey on an interior surface was erected in about 4 weeks from the TP-3000 technology to offer 897 m² or 9655 ft² of total floor space.


For a building that allows you to practice a sport such as Dek Hockey, Honco technology is the best solution in the industry. One of the features is the increased interior brightness. Indeed, the finish of the structural ceiling reflects inside lighting providing a safe environment. As well, the Dek Hockey Shawinigan building is free of interior columns and structural elements along the walls, giving extra space for activities.


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