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Plastiques Qualiplast
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Plastiques Qualiplast

The goal of the Qualiplast owner was to relocate operations to a new plant that would be more suitable for increasing current production capacity and the future one. After discussions with Honco's team of professionals, the client opted to build his new factory attached to an existing building on his new site. In this way, all its manufacturing and administrative operations would be grouped together in one and the same building.


Thus, the new 3716 m² (40 000 ft²) production facility offers a free interior span over its entire surface. In terms of benefits, the new construction allows Qualiplast to organize the layout of its production equipment at its own discretion without the constraint of interior columns being in the way. As for the existing building, Honco had the mandate to replace the exterior wall cladding and to take into account the openings required in the design of the factory to easily access the section of the administrative offices.


Not long after the construction completion of the facility, Qualiplast already started to plan the purchase of equipment to occupy the additional space and allow the company to improve its productivity and increase its product range.


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